What would you do?

Do you believe in a stock restored version of the Cutlass Supreme or a modified version?

The stock version had lowered compression and horsepower because of the federal governments fuel and pollution regulations. if you don’t mind not being able to spin your tires…. this model is a nice cruising car.  The 350 c.i. engine was it’s workhorse.  The 455 was the gas guzzler which tended to run hot due to lack of air flow inside the engine.  During this year and prior years, each division of general motors made their own engines.  Oldsmobile had a lower HP but high torque 455 than its sister pony cars; the Pontiac GTO or Chevy Chevelle.   Many people are aware that the 4-4-2 Cutlass was not the engine size but a 4 speed, 4 barrel carburetor, Posi-traction model of the Cutlass.  In 1976 Cutlass had plenty more power than this model.

So what would you do?  Modify this car to make it faster, make a 442 clone or restore to original?  The answer is obvious but different for each group.